About Us

About Us

About webb katalogen

The Webb Katalogen is a project to create Sweden’s by far the best article catalog. The system will be developed by hand entirely, but at the same time offer something that other article directories do not come close to.

There will be a very strong focus on quality and thus also a great demand on the design of the articles that are submitted.

There are already many article directories where SEO comes into the main focus and the quality of the articles comes second only. The goal is to avoid this at all costs. Here are some features that are meant to be integrated into the system:

Our Clients

We have successfully crafted over 200 websites and developed more than 50 applications. It's safe to say we know what we are doing!

Passion demands creativity.

CopyScape API control to avoid duplicate content. Manual review of all articles with requirements for grammatical accuracy, spelling and value of the text. Pictures will be allowed and encouraged. However, requirements will be placed on source and publishing rights.

Bringing creativity to life.

Links in articles published by new users will be nofollow. Requirements for a complete profile with portraits will be encouraged. There is no reason why a good article should not be linked to its author. The articles have the option to be linked with rel = “author” to Google+ profile.